Your Relationship and Money

Being financially successful isn’t because of your salary or the things you own. The biggest factor is you! How life mapped your emotional relationship with money. You could be a little nutty and squirrel away every penny, shop till you drop, buy and return, give it all away, or live on the wind; identifying the type of relationship you have with money helps make a difference getting on track and even back on track.

What does money mean to you? How do you behave with money? What is significant about you? A lot of people think money can get them love, security, control, power, or self-esteem. Sometimes it’s true, but if you believe too much in these myths making rational financial decisions could suffer. If your idea that money equals security you may feel totally hopeless or panicked that you don’t have enough saved up.

During our coaching sessions we talk about your relationship with money as you develop a plan that works. You will realize where your money is going as you name every dollar to gain back control while building confidence in the decisions you make. Each person is different and no matter your financial income coaching does help. We can restore hope through the process and you will see your dreams become reality based on your dedication and a little help from a coach.

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