About Me

Who you will be working with:

A seasoned professional that cares about your wellbeing!

I’ve been around the world and believe life only puts on our shoulders what we can bare; even rock bottom helps us grow…

…I understand financial struggles because like most people, I experienced them myself.  I applied the principles I learned during my 10 years in the Army to dig myself out of a mountain of debt after my divorce.  I further added to my financial tool kit while working another 28 years in various finance roles supporting military, civilian and family members in all age groups.  I have helped thousands of people learn how to better their financial situation, and I can help you too!  

How I change lives…

I am not the same as other financial professionals.  Rather than recommending investments and managing portfolios, I will help you get your finances in order and resources to manage your own wealth or select a broker.

When I’m not coaching…

…I learn something new everyday and am at peace knowing financial literacy.  I love seeing my children raise my grandchildren!  I also enjoy volunteering, reading, drawing and walking with my dog.